Utilizing his I.D.F Special Forces background and 20 years leading security teams around the world, Mr. Yemini set out to create a redefining training academy that will cater to both the rigorous demands of becoming a BBX Agent along with giving everyday people the tools and knowledge he had acquired over the years. Building his team from the ground up, Mr. Yemini emphasized a real-world approach to the Academy primarily relying on the cumulative experience of himself and his agent's worldwide. With the growing demand for civilian-based training, Mr. Yemini directly oversees all new content introduced by the Academy. Mr. Yemini strived to create a diversified team of instructors, each with their unique military, law enforcement, public and private security experience. This global approach ensures that BBX Training Academy can encompass multiple training philosophies and provide its clients with the most up to date and comprehensive training available today.

Raz Friedman - Lead Instructor

Former special forces CTU (Counter Terror Unit) operator and instructor for the IDF, Raz has focused on leading the "tactical drills training" methodology development team for the IDF's elite units, oversaw multiple international training seminars for militaries around the world. Raz has hands-on experience in advanced shooting range techniques and Krav Maga training.

Erik Lopez - Senior Instructor

Erik received his initial military training in the United States Marine Corps’ Basic Security Guard School in Virginia implementing advanced anti-terrorist measures and performing complex security functions utilizing rifles, pistols, shotguns and cutting-edge protective equipment. Erik obtained secret clearance, and lead a special security force in a restricted government facility providing security for our Nation’s most vital assets. For the last six years Erik has been a part of Black Box Security’s executive protection team providing security to high-profile individuals. Certified as National Rifle Association Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer, Erik is a valuable member of our Training Academy.

Chris Carraci - Senior Instructor

Chris (CJ) Caracci has over thirty years of combined military and law enforcement experience, and is internationally renowned as a specialist in conflict resolution. His foundation began with a six year commitment in the U.S. Navy, as an operator with both SEAL TEAM ONE and SEAL TEAM SIX. After military service, Chris served for ten years as a sworn tactical officer working in New York, New Jersey and South Florida specializing in SWAT and narcotics enforcement. As a police officer, and later privately, Chris was “loaned” to several Federal agencies as a consultant, operative and trainer.