Active Shooter Scenario Course

$899.00 1 day

In the wake of the influx of mass casualty attacks our country is facing, BBX Training academy feels it is imperative to conduct courses educating on crucial tactics and methodology of surviving an active shooter situation. Our course aims to provide insightful skills and the confidence to be able to rationally think and act in an extreme situation such as this. Our teams around the world continuously provide real-time data that is utilized to update our curriculum on a regular basis.

You will learn:

  • Video analysis of active shooter situations
  • Krav Maga techniques specifically directed towards weapon control and taking down an assailant
  • Scenario training of an active shooter situation in an office building.

Emily L.

“I took a class here and it was AMAZING! The instructors definitely knew what they were doing and had a lot of experience. I learned a lot of really important stuff in the class and am 100% glad I took it!”

Dr. Louise

“Their trainings are informative, well done and thought provoking. I always learn something new from them and do not hesitate in giving them the highest recommendation for all your security needs.”

Haley S.

“I loved my class here! Very experienced instructors and all had great real-life experience in their field. I would recommend Black Box to anyone looking for a self-defense class.”