Civilian Three Day Self Defense Course

$2,000.00 3 days

Our Civilian Three-Day Self-Defense Course is our most exclusive and comprehensive course offered by the academy. This unique training experience will take you through different facets of self-defense training building on each preceding day. Throughout the course, we delve into different physiological and physiological components of self-defense in order to instill the Special Operators way of thinking. We encourage everyone to take the skills acquired during their training and apply it to your individual life, profession, and relationships.

Day One begins with a comprehensive overview of mental awareness conjoined with various aspects of the security world. We analyze real-world situations from terrorist attacks to muggings in order to point out critical points underlying each and every scenario. After a delicious lunch, we take what we learned in the classroom and take it to the mat. We undergo a hands-on self-defense course that focuses on the basics of close proximity attacks. Krav Maga (derived from the I.D.F Self Defense methodology) complements our way of thinking and provides the most applicable solutions for real-world defense.

Day Two is all about saving others. We begin with a first aid and CPR certification course taught by experienced combat medical professionals. In addition to the standard first aid curriculum, we add our unique touch by providing insight and examples from field medics trained to use creative thinking and everyday objects to save lives. We finish the day by taking everything we learned from the last two days and experience a one of a kind scenario reenactment training segment. This training methodology is used in special forces around the world.

Day Three is our range day – progressing both mentally and physically to the point of integrating weapons into our training. We introduce our trainees to a variety of different weapons utilized primarily for self-defensive purposes. Throughout the day, we work on the fundamentals of shooting and weapon safety culminating in the reenactment of a home invasion scenario.

*** We are aware of the fact that some individuals do not feel comfortable holding a firearm. While we do strongly encourage to come and work one on one with our firearms instructors, we provide alternative solutions.

Our training courses include but are not limited to:

• Home Invasion Response Course
• Civilian Security and Safety Course
• Defensive Driving Course
• Knife Handling Course
• Krav Maga Training Course
• Firearm Shooting Training Course
• CPR and First Aid

Shannon L.

“The start of the class was AMAZING. They had my white chocolate mocha from Starbucks waiting for me! It was definitely a high end and really effective experience that I would recommend to anyone!”

Vivian P.

“Highly recommend! I learned so much in just a few days. Instructors were great and so professional. They are all former Israeli Special Forces, Secret Service, U.S. Marines and Navy Seals... so you learn about some real-life stuff. “

Sydney S.

“The instructors were incredible. They were SO knowledgeable but also could explain it to me in layman's terms. Great class all around.”


“This is what you get someone that has absolutely everything! This is such a great and thoughtful gift!”