BBX Internal Training

Only For BBX Employees & Contractors 8 hours

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Our training courses include but are not limited to:

• Home Invasion Response Course
• Civilian Security and Safety Course
• Defensive Driving Course
• Knife Handling Course
• Krav Maga Training Course
• Firearm Shooting Training Course
• CPR and First Aid

BBX is a full service security organization. I have had the opportunity to use them in a professional capacity as well as have  engaged in some of their training opportunities. They are professional, knowledgeable and well trained. I always feel as my clients are in good hands with them.

Their trainings are informative, well done and thought provoking. I always learn something new from them and do not hesitate in giving them the highest recommendation for all your security needs.

Dr. Louise S.
Los Angeles, CA

 This review is for a Self-Defense Training class for women. I attended that class specifically to learn self-defense techniques, in case I ever need to use them. I found this class very informative, well structured and designed specifically for women. Every participant from 20 to 50-year-olds was able to learn how to handle a potential attacker in several different situations. I still remember most of the techniques that were taught during this class and would suggest it to all my friends and family, as well as anyone else out there who wants to learn self-defense.

Tatyana T.
Carmichael, CA

I loved my class here! Very experienced instructors and all had great real-life experience in their field. I would recommend Black Box to anyone looking for a self-defense class or wanting to learn about firearms.

Haley S.
San Francisco, CA